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Deepeeka Exports have sought guidance from armourers, re-enactors and historians from around the World. Dan Petersen (Author of The Book of Roman Legions and Founder of Legio XIV Germinia Martia Victrix) has been particularly influential in the development of the Roman range which includes magnificently crafted helmets, swords, pilums, shields, armour and camp equipment.
Gladius of Mainz

AH2005 Gladius of Mainz
Overall length: 72cm
Blade length: 53cm
Weight: 974 gms
Weight with scabbard:
In Stock Now ... AUD 300

Roman Sword
AH3309 Roman Sword
Waisted, double edged blade. Turned Indian Teak (Shesham) grip with brass bands and brass pommel & guard.
Overall length: 81.5cm
Blade length: 55.5cm
Weight: 1.05kg
Wght. with scabbard: 1.7kg

Sold Out
Roman Cavalry Sword
AH4208N Roman Cavalry Sword
Double edged,blade. Bone grip with Shesham pommel & guard. Scabbard with baldric
Overall length: 81cm
Blade length: 64cm
Weight: .97kg
Wght. with scabbard:
In Stock Now...AUD200
Pompeei Gladius
AH4211E Pompeii Gladius
Overall length: 71cm
Blade length: 47.5cm
Weight: 700gms
Weight with scabbard:
In Stock Now ... 190
Delos Sword

Delos Sword

Straight, double edged, carbon steel blade. Wooden handle
Wooden scabbard covered in leather with brass fittings.

Overall length: 82.5cm/ Blade: 64cm
Weight with scabbard:
1.90kg / Sword only:1.10kg
In Stock Now - AUD175

Roman Sword

AH3311 Roman Sword
Double edged blade. Turned Ash grip with Shesham pommel & guard.
Overall length: 73cm
Blade length: 52.5cm
Weight with scabbard:1.6kg / Sword only : .96kg

In Stock Now...AUD190

Pugio Dagger

Pugio Dagger

Steel with brass fittings

Overall length:34cm
Blade length: 21cm
Weight: 45 gms
Wght. with scabbard: .69kg

In Stock Now ... AUD120

Pugio dagger with brass fittings

Pugio Dagger

Steel with brass fittings and brass scabbard

Overall length:34cm
Blade length: 21cm
Weight: 45 gms
Wght. with scabbard: .85kg

In Stock Now ... AUD170

Greek Sword

Greek Sword

Steel with brass fittings

Overall length:73cm
Blade length: 57.5cm
Weight: 1.3 kg
Wght. with scabbard: 2.060 kg

In Stock Now ... AUD195

Falcata Kopis
AH4111H Falcata Kopis
This weapon, with a heavy, inward curving, blade is
considered to be of Greek origin. It was also found in Southern Russia and Spain.

Bone grip with brass horse head pommell. The scabbard is woodcovered with red leather with brass bands and a side pouch that carries a bone handled dagger.
Overall length: 84.5cm
Blade length: 52.5cm
Weight: 1.32kg

In Stock...AUD250

AH4111BR - Falcata
Carved brass handle
Overall length: 84.5

In Stock Now .. AUD 150
AH3936 Dolabra
This is a replica of an original found in Southern England. Used by the Romans, the dolabra was a basic part of the legionary equipment. The pickaxe has a hard flat surface at the front that can be used for hammering, the other side has a sharp point that can be used for splitting and digging. The blade also has a removable cover made of brass.
In Stock ... AUD 170
AH4220 - Plumbata
Steel End with Wood & Leather
Overall length:

In Stock Now .. AUD 50

AH3526 - Square Pilum
In order to reduce shipping costs, due
to overall length, this Pilum is shipped
in kit form and will require assembly.

In Stock .... AUD 190

Silver Inlaid Melun Pugio Delos Sword Roman Sword Roman Sword Pugio Dagger Falcata Kopis Gladius of Mainz Roman Cavalry Sword Square Pilum Square Pilum Greek Sword
Imperial Gallic Face Helmet Praetorian Guard Helmet with Plume Praetorian Guard Helmet with Plume Krefeld Helmet -Italic "D"

Imperial Gallic Face Helmet
18 gauge steel with brass
face-plate and detail

Sold Out

Imperial Gallic "G" - New
In Stock Now ... AUD 200

Praetorian Guard Helmet with Horse-Hair Plume
Solid Embossed 18 gauge Brass with Horse-Hair Plume
Fully Lined with Leather
In Stock Now - AUD 510

Krefeld Helmet -Italic "D"
In Stock Now...AUD 320

Imperial Italic 'G' Helmet Imperial Italic 'G' Helmet
1st Century Roman
Republican Montefortino Helmet

Imperial Italic 'G'
18 gauge Steel with Brass

Sold Out

1st Century Roman
Cavalry Helmet..Embossed
In Stock…AUD 420
Montefortino Helmet
In Stock Now .. AUD 240
Roman Centurian Helmet
Steel with Brass
Horse-Hair Plume

In Stock Now ... AUD 290
Italo Corinthian Helmet Italo Corinthian Helmet Italo Corinthian Helmet with Horse Hair Plume Italo Corinthian Helmet
Boetian Helmet
Spartans Early Corinthian Helmet
Italo Corinthian Helmet
In Stock...AUD 230
Italo Corinthian Helmet
Brass with Plume
In Stock - AUD 320
Boeotian Helmet

This type of helmet was used in
Classical Greece and originated
in Boeotia. This is a replica of a
helmet as used by the Macedonian infantry.
Hand crafted in 18 gauge brass
In Stock Now … AUD 150
Spartan's Early Corinthian Helmet
18 Gauge Brass
In Stock Now - AUD 200

Roman Lightening Bolt Shield Roman Lightening Bolt Shield

Roman Lantern Roman Lantern


Roman Caligae

Wax Covered Writing Tablet

Roman Lightening
Bolt Shield
Wood covered
with canvas and painted
In Stock Now ... 390
Roman Lantern / Candle Holder
Brass with Cow Horn Door
In Stock Now - AUD90
Roman Caligae
Sizes 7,8, 9, 10, 11
In Stock Now...AUD125
Roman Wax Covered Writing Tablet with Solid Brass Stylus

In Stock Now ... AUD40
Lorica Hamata Lorica Hamata


Lorica Hamata
Flat ring (8mm)/round rivet - 18gauge
**** Click image for detail ****

Chest: 127cm / Length from shoulder: 71cm
In stock now .... AUD660
Chest: 142cm / Length from Shoulder: 78cm

In stock now .... AUD695

Greek Spear Ends

Greek Spear Ends
One Steel and One Brass
In Stock Now ... AUD 85

Steel Muscle Armour Spartan Leather Cuirass Bell Muscle Armour
Muscle Armour - steel

In stock ... AUD 240
Muscle Armour
Sold Out - On Order
Lorica Segmentata
In Stock - Medium AUD 685
In Stock - Large AUD 700

Greek Bell Cuirass
Brass front and back plates with leather side straps
In stock … AUD

Royal Belt

Centurion Belt Centurion Belt


Roman Soldier's Belt
Royal Belt
Leather with Solid Brass Detail
In Stock Now .... AUD 160
Royal Belt-Ecomomy Version
Leather with Cast Steel Detail
Sold Out - On Order
AH3847 Centurion Belt
A replica copy of one worn by Centurions in the mid Ist century AD.
Brass embossed plates riveted on leather. Buckle made of cast brass.

In stock now … AUD 275
Roman Soldier's Belt
Leather with brass plates. Includes attachment points for a pugio dagger. Fits up to approx. 109cm waist.

In stock now... AUD 280
Red Roman Tunic Red Roman Tunic Balteus of the Claudian


Roman Baldric
Red Wool Roman Tunic
In stock now - AUD 70
Red Cotton Tunic
In stock now - AUD 60

AH6725 Balteus of the Claudian
Leather belt and (removable)apron fitted with 42mm x 53mm brass bullseye plates, brass buckle and dagger frogs.Adjustable to fit 101cm - 114cm

Sold Out

AH3869 -Roman Belt
Leather belt and (removable)apron fitted with etched brass plates, brass buckle and pugio frogs. Adjustable to fit op to 134cm

In stock now … AUD280

AH6728 -Roman Baldric
3rd Centuary. Leather with authentic replicas of brass fittings based on archaeological finds from the Roman castrum of Zugmantel (Germany).
In stock now … AUD160

Roman Legionary Canteen Roman Frying Pan Roman Frying Pan Roman Situla Roman Situla
Roman Legionary Canteen
In Stock...AUD60
Roman Frying Pan
Solid Brass
In Stock...AUD60
Roman Frying Pan
Brass with Tinned Inside
In Stock Now...AUD100
Roman Situla
Brass with Tinned Inside
In Stock Now..AUD120

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